Home Based Business Leads Explained

Buying leads can be an effective and profitable way to build your home based business. Many leaders can accredit their success to have a constant flow of fresh leads on hand.  So what kind of leads would be best for you?  Here is a simple discussion of popular types of home business opportunity leads on the market today.

Real Time Leads – “Real Time” is referring to the age of the lead.  A real time lead is typically anywhere from seconds to up to 24 hours old, depending upon the source you are purchasing from.  The age of the lead is the amount of time from when the prospect submitted their information until it is assigned to you as a lead customer. 

Fresh Leads – “Fresh” also refers to the age of the lead, and usually means from 0-3 days old, which varies depending upon the source you are purchasing from.

Direct Mail Leads – Direct mail leads mean that the lead is intended for physical mailing only.   Direct mail leads are typically very affordable, and a great choice if you would like only the most interested contacts to call you back.

Local Leads – Local leads are typically sorted by telephone area code, so you can order leads from only your local region. 

Surveyed Leads – Surveyed leads usually refer to leads that are generated from a form on the internet.  Typically this would be an advertisement asking if the prospect is interested in a home business opportunity.  The prospect fills out the form and then becomes a lead. 

Aged Leads – This refers to the age of the lead, usually these are leads over a few days old, and are much lower in price than real time leads.

Short Form Leads / Long Form Leads – This refers to the amount of questions the lead filled out on the form. A  short form lead typically only has basic info such as name, email address, phone number, and best time to call.   Long form leads typically include the information of a short form lead plus additional survey questions such as “How soon would you be ready to start a home based business?

Redirect Leads – Redirect leads mean that the lead advertisement will send traffic to your personal website address.  These are a great choice if you have a business website, you may get sign-ups or sales without ever talking to your lead.

Auto Responder Leads – These leads are intended for emailing purposes, and can be used with your email, contact manager, or auto response software. 

Once you have purchased leads, the #1 effective way to contact your leads is by telephone.  Call your leads as soon as possible to get the best response.  You never know when someone is going to change their number, or someone else is going to call before you and sign them up first.   E-mail marketing and direct mail marketing is also very effective, but a typical response rate is only 1-7% on average, due to the high amount of junk mail you need to compete with when contacting a lead. 

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