Advantages and Disadvantages of Telemarketing in Real Estate Marketing

In today’s world telemarketing can be very effective. It can help a business generate leads, make sales, and increase profits. BUT, is it a good idea to do this in the real estate market? This article will examine that concept by looking at advantages and disadvantages of doing it.

One big advantage to using telemarketers in real estate is that it is more cost-effective to use a minimum wage staff as opposed to a higher-priced sales staff. It is also useful in reaching out to other geographical areas, when attempting to solicit new business. Likewise; it is necessary to keep up with current clients, having a telemarketing staff is a great way to do this; as the work is dispersed efficiently to them.

In more recent times real estate developers have begun to use telemarketers as powerful tools to reach a broad range of customers. As we mentioned, it is more cost-effective than using direct sales methods. Your telemarketing crew can reach more people in a short time span. You can always subcontract this work to an outside telemarketing firm. Then; on days where there is not much business, there are NO employees sitting around wasting time AND getting paid for it. You can also get an idea of the potential clients’ interest in your real estate services and receive feedback from them one way or another; thereby eliminating people who are NOT interested at all.

Let us now look at some DISADVANTAGES of using telemarketing for real estate businesses. Whether it is fair or unfair, most people regard telemarketers as a nuisance and want nothing to do with them. A lot of consumers have had bad experiences with telemarketers. Even though these had nothing to do with YOUR business, this will negatively impact people’s view of you.

Another big disadvantage of using telemarketers is the cost of training each person. Even though you are saving money salary-wise, you still have to train the telemarketers. That can be very expensive; especially since most of them will not work out, then that money is wasted.

The real estate business requires its professionals to be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. Before doing business with you, a consumer wants to know complete details of whatever property they are interested in. If they are talking to a telemarketer, odds are high the telemarketer will not have that information available. Therefore; you most likely have lost them as a customer, as well as any referrals they might have given you.

Then there is the fact that; with a telemarketer, your potential customer is not very likely to receive the face-to-face contact with you that they prefer. People can be quite put off by that. Even though the majority of your communications with them will be via phone or Internet; most people like the OPTION of meeting you and speaking with you in person. If that cannot be done, you will probably lose them to somebody else who can accommodate their wishes.

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